Midway Baptist Youth Ministry is centered on the teaching of God’s Word and the discipling of believers. We love to have a good time, but we are serious about growing in Christ individually and as a unified group. Our vision is to be disciples who make disciples, evangelizing in the schools where God has placed us, fellowship with other believers, and to live out the Word of God. As a youth pastor, I desire for every student to grow in their walk with Christ and to live out every discipline that has been mentioned.

  • 9:00am 
  •      10-12 grade boys teachers: Brian Russell, 
  •      10-12 grade girls teachers: 
  •      7 – 9 grade boys teachers: Trey Chaudron & Andrew McMillian
  •      7 – 9 grade girls teachers: Brandi Higginbotham
  • 10:15am – Church Begins
  • 4:00pm – Sunday afternoon Bible Study
Wednesday Nights
  • 5:00pm – Fellowship/Game Time
  • 6:00pm – Youth Worship Service

Youth are encouraged to join Midway’s Youth Band App while Youth Parents are encouraged to join Midway’s Youth Parent’s Group Me App. Announcements are often sent out through this medium. If you haven’t joined either of these apps then please get with me. Also

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